Far's Legend

Action, Drama, Gore, Horror, Psychological

Created by: Jaguer91
Classification: R+
Volumes: None

Far's Legend is the manga created by Jaguer91(recognized user in Youtube), the plot is about an warrior called Hernaxyom that is the last specimen of the pure race called "Far", this is the most perfect breed between all the living beings.

The Fars are the higher beings responsible of keep the balance in the universe, using any means even the extermination of any human specie that they consider useless.

They are considered higher morality and able to decide who live and who die. Which implies a big contradiction.


The story is about the struggle of Hernaxyom against his destiny, since his birth the army search him to enlist, his mother decides send with his grandfather to raise him and save him.

When his grandfather dies Hernaxyom remains alone, from here he lives events that end up awakening his demon.

Hernaxyom: The main character, his personality is cold and calculating at begin.

This complete story is in spanish, excuse me, the translation will be soon: FAR'S LEGEND IN SPANISH