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TitleMine Forever
Alternative nameMilikku Selamanya
GenreRomance, Comedy, School Life, Sci-fi
First publishedApril 18, 2012
WebsiteEnglish version
Malay version
StatusDiscontinued (Inactive)

Mine Forever (Malay: Milikku Selamanya) is a Malaysian romantic comedy webkomku series created by Nasx. It was first published in 18 April 2012. After a while, the series discontinued and most of the site that host this series is dead.

Synopsis Edit

Adam always having a dream about his first love. One day, a transfer student named Siti remind him of his first love because of her looks. While Adam is thinking about her, Siti is also thinking about the same thing after she saw Adam. Moreover, they live nearby and it didn't take a long time until Adam learn the fact that Siti really is his first love. On the other hand, Siti Maya is still confused about Adam and still searching for the answer to her question. The two person who is falling in love from the past is meeting again.

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